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David-Ashley Kerr (b. 1986) is an Australian-born photomedia artist, curator and academic.

He has a BFA from Deakin University, a MFA from RMIT University and recently completed a PhD at Monash University.

Kerr´s photographic and moving images from 2011-14 reflect on body and landscape, victim and aggressor.

With an interest in the dark, violent and melancholic, Kerr´s work attempts to reveal universal concerns of our often estranged relationship with the natural world.

His recent research and art practice has focused on how unmediated human relationships are becoming increasingly avoided and replaced by social media and digital technologies.

He lives and works in Germany.

Asbachstraße 1, 99423 WEIMAR, GERMANY




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Art Blart (2011)

Art Collector (2013)

Excerpt Magazine (2013)

City of Yarra Commission (2015)

Lux essay by Inger Marie Hahn Møller (2016)